Monday, July 25, 2011


this morning i signed myself up for it's a yoga website where you can take classes, so you can have these wonderful teachers right in your living room.  I started with this teacher Elena Brower.  I found her website through my friend Cherie Healey, , a couple weeks ago, and I loved listening to her talk about yoga and life.  Her class was awesome.  Story was jumping around like crazy around me, and sitting and standing on my back through parts of it, but i could just pause it and start again.  Towards the end of the class she asked us to get into an arch.  I did my first full arch today in my living room! I was so giddy...

Kai look!
story look!
it was awesome...  I did it 3 times, just see if i could do it again and again.  what a gift to myself today:)

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