Wednesday, April 20, 2011

letting go and smiling through the mess

this past week i have shifted and let go of so many things. i have been slowly clearing out the garage since january, and this weekend it finally got to the point were it looked organized! something shifted in me and i saw things differently-it was really easy to let go. maybe it's because it is spring and a time of rebirth and change anyway. maybe my body is getting ready for another rebirth, since my sweet kai's birthday is this week. i am riding this cleanse and remembering to smile through it and enjoy it.
i cleaned up and put air in the tires of one of my old bikes. then i put it out by the mailbox with a free sign. i never ride it, and i knew it would make someone else so much happier. now it's not gathering dust, someone is enjoying it through the april breezes. i feel free and have not stopped letting go- working on the office now.:)
on a side note too, cleaning all this stuff out has been great for my running motivation. run jen run!!!

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