Friday, March 18, 2011


yesterday was about the journey...isn't it always.  i was very aware of that as we were driving the 50 some odd miles to pescadero in the sweet red subaru.  i am constantly learning to let the flow come and ride the wave of the present with deep breaths and smiles.
we were almost there, but first a quick stop.  story got car sick in the back seat.  thank god for wipeys!
cleaned up the spinach omelette on his rain coat and his seat. and we talked about how it has happened to the best of us! now he thinks it's cool that he puked in the car.  a new experience that made him stronger on his journey.

arrive- ano nuevo.  we hiked and hiked along the trail and jumped in all the puddles. the people from oklahoma in our group and the know it all woman from marin too, were trying so hard not to get muddy. i'm sure they thought we were crazy california people, as i nursed story in the sling while jumping in the water.
awesome, let them all think that!
you are supposed to get muddy and dirty on a trail by the sea. get all that goodness on you to slather it around and coat your daily life.
the elephant seals were beautiful.  the "weaners" as they are called- weaned pups, basically like toddler seals.  all hanging out sleeping or playing together.  the mothers leave them after a month of constant nursing, and then they have to go out to the ocean to eat.  the mothers don't come back, they are on their own to learn and live. their sweet high pitched voices echoed in the sand dunes.

later, we went down to big basin surfer beach.  no surfers, just big waves breaking far out to sea.
we smiled and raced around in the sand in our bare feet.  that felt good, after the 3 mile hike in boots and smart wool socks.
kai and story are amazing and i'm learning that i am too. love them so much.

we will live by the sea some day.  i promise.

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