Monday, June 28, 2010

dream: the night before story's birth

the silver haired women sat under the stars on the old wooden porch.
i see their faces.

time will stand still
embrace the stillness and peace
nothing else will matter

the phone rang and rowell was trying to bring it over to me outside through the window with it's long reaching cord.
the women said,
don't talk, don't listen, you need to be free of distractions

we get so caught up in what he said, she said,
it is all meaningless...
birth is about being present, flowing and listening to only yourself.

you know what to do
believe that you are strong and powerful
and keep that power, never give it away
share it when you are ready
with your baby
as they share their power with you.
you will be opened
and there
the universe is waiting

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