Saturday, May 1, 2010

this week has been another one of discovery, flexibility, and lessons in mindfulness. kai, story, and i made our way up to berkeley for our weekly dose of nature awareness trackers class at tilden park.
kai is learning what plants are edible, listening to stories of the land with his teachers and fellow unschoolers, following racoon tracks, and just playing in the woods.
story is my guide-and this week we trekked through the mud to the lake and watched some turtles hanging out on some logs. we also stopped under a tree to nurse. story loves to have gala in the woods. his connection to the trees is amazing to observe and feel in my bones.
we met kai at the parking lot later with the rest of his class, and he told us about the delicious bread with honey they cooked over the fire just as it started to rain. also, that they saw some beautiful wild turkeys walking along the trail.
yes- we have to cross a bridge and switch to three different highways to get to this magical place, but it's worth every mile.

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