Thursday, May 20, 2010


listening is an art. everyone has so much to say, but listening, i mean really listening, is beauty.
when you tune in you can hear the softness of a persons voice, if there is hurt or joy filling them up, and even how they see the world.
i listened to the trees today.  i heard the the rain fall slowly onto their leaves.  i listened to story without him having to speak- he's my budda nature guide.  the creek too....the woods is magic and every week i am amazed by the new things i hear and see there.  we are meant to be outside among the trees and the grass.  our hearts are happy there, where we can listen to life happening and our spirits growing stronger.

i love to see kai and the rest of his tracker class head off with alison and chris on wednesday mornings.  this morning everyone was a bit tired and a little grouchy- just like story and i.  when they returned in the afternoon their faces were clear and eyes open with light and energy.  they listened and absorbed all of that forest and creek life into their bodies.  children are magic too.
it only took story and i about twenty minutes to feel better, we went off the path and chilled under a big oak.  then we sang and watched a little red spider climb it's way up the bark.  we listened to the rain and splashed in it too.
when we came back home we were ready to listen to each other. we were ready to cook great food with rowell and tell him about our adventures.
tomorrow i'll be listening...

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