Tuesday, May 11, 2010

fun mama weekend

this past weekend was beautiful and filled with lots of love from my boys...god i'm lucky.  i have to keep reminding myself of that when i get impatient, or frustrated with them.
on saturday we went to santa cruz to enjoy the ocean waves and sand together.  there is nothing like the sand and cold ocean water surprising you every time. i love watching kai jump into that cold water.  story is a sand man. he is content digging and rolling around on the beach all day.

on sunday rowell, kai, and story cheered me on again for the 5k mothers milk bank race in los gatos.  i ran fast- i was surprising myself.  how good it feels to run- there is nothing like it. i watched the geese with their little babies swimming as i ran around vasona lake and thought about what mother's day means to me.

i let that thought sit with me throughout the day- and i came to an understanding while i was nursing story.  many moments of presentness and clarity come when i am nursing story....i grew up having to prove my love with words, or presents, or gestures of greatness.  now that i am a mama just the fact that my sweet kai and story are here and love me everyday is my gift. the source of that gift started with rowell.  he is my forever love and from that came kai and story.
 i started a new tradition by telling them why i love them so much on this mama's day.   how they fill me up with joy and help me grow to be great and kind to myself.  they are beautiful and enough just as they are.  these boys are changing the world over here.

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